• recently had the pleasure to illustrate a little homage for the florentine wanna be milanese Il Sartolaio Mag. The piece is essentially about Milan, Florence, Pitti, Zio & Feega.

  • Coincidences: In the last couple of months I’ve been commissioned twice by the same magazine, The Washington Post, to make an opening Illustration and a spot one for two different issues/sections of the newspaper. AD were different and I’ve my reason to believe (too long and boring to explain it here) each one of the two art director doesn’t know I’ve worked with the other.

    Funny thing is theme were pretty much the same, even if treated from a different point of view each time. First Date was basically the main theme here.

    An extra has been a series of three mini line-drawing illustrations depicting the suggested path form the perfect 1st to the 3rd date. 

    Bonus track to this post: one of the sketches that didn’t make the cut. I’d would have liked to see it finalized despite the chosen cover thrilled me as well. I’m sure I’ll bring this to the final stage for my own pleasure as soon as I’ve a bit of free time and no deadlines.

  • some numbers… 40 different subjects, 2 color screenprint, in a super limited series of 50 pieces each. The paper is a Canaletto Granagrossa by Cordenons, it’ll thrill you! Prints could be collected separately or through 4 luxury portfolio (named after 4 themes and collecting 10 prints each). Photos are almost ready, gimme only few days more and the online shop will be ready and up to date as well.
    then and only after that I’ll begin to stalk and seriously spam you and your inboxes:) 😎

  • few days ago I’ve this pleasure: doing a quick dedication to a friend. I put  my iPhone on a selfie-stick and recorded the whole, quick, process. I thought It could have helped some(curious)one to understand what’s behind a freestyle drawing or simply could have been fun to see the A-to-Z of a little artwork like that. If you are listening to some music please don’t stop, this video has no sound.

  • ain’t scared no more by Winter. On my Behance page a new gallery full of tips on how to stay warm in the coolest season of the year.
    Hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll find some of those tips useful.
    If so please let me know.

    The full series (plus couple of extra spots) have been commissioned few months ago by The New Yorker. Being part of the mag has been as usual a thrilling challenge and an honor at the same time.

    Please have a look at the full series HERE.

  • I recently took part to an exquisite exhibition in Salsomaggiore named after the very same city thanks to Fabio Toninelli, The Man behind Tapirulan
    The show will stay on until July the 31st in Palazzo Detraz, Via Bacchelli 9. I’m in such good company with other 19 talents. In this modern map of Salsomaggiore recreated through some of the city’s most famous icons I’ve been so lucky to have been assigned to represent Miss Italia. The giant M above is my contribution.

    Below is the cover made for the show by the illustrious ©Guido Scarabottolo

    All the detailed infos are here on the official Facebook Page of the Show:

    Plus there’s sweeeeet introduction made by FrizziFrizzi here. Bummer if you’re not an italian reader ‘cause the piece is such a nice read.

  • I’m one of the worst person when it comes to keep my webpage up to date. Though sometimes I collect a few of my latests and put together a gallery on Behance. The theme, in this case, is about the pieces I’ve done in the past year or so for editorial clients, which basically means magazines and newspapers.

    A short list of the clients I’ve collaborate with is up above. The gallery instead could be joined clicking right HERE.

  • I’ve just come back from the shining venue of this year’s Salone del Mobile Milano where I did a live painting session at the Nobili booth. A huge thanks goes to Illustri who made all this possible in the first place, and Angelo, a super sweet human being who carefully introduce me to the Nobili crew and took care of me for the whole day at the stand. Open bar with two unstoppable and skillful bartenders inside the booth was the final touch that made the 12th the very perfect day.

  • Artist POV, Fendi's booth © © © © ©

    I’ve recently taken part at the London’s Fabulous Fund Fair hosted by supermodel friends Natalia Vodianova, and Karlie Kloss which had found a lot of pounds through the Naked Heart Foundation. Very happy to be part of the fund rising thing at the Fendi’s booth, where I was hired to portray fashionish people and get a little drunk eventually (not sure the drunk thing was part of the contract tho).

    A huge thanks goes to the dynamic duo Rita & Valentina, aka MACHAS creative Agency who brought me into this and carefully looked after me all the evening long. Not to mention is always a great pleasure come back to London, even for few days.

  • in this Jan/Feb 2016 issue of the Smithsonian Mag a super fun piece I’ve been recently worked on. thanks to Heather this piece has wonderfully been brought to life in the mag, not just that, it also gave me the chance to read such an interesting article about how the phonograph revolutionized the way of experiencing the music.


    I’ve also included few sketches to let the curious of you know how this piece could also have been presented in the mag.

  • Such an honour being called to illustrate this gorgeous book which collects essays and articles written by Dorothy Parker through a three decades span time.

    Not only I was happy and proud to be considered a good fit for such a book, but also I’ve been so lucky to work along with Nora Grosse who conceive this elegant design. It may sound a little predictable to spend nice words on people you worked with, like a due thing after a work is done but this is not the case and I’m not that kind of person.

    Colgando de un hilo is in bookstores these days and I’ve just put on line a much comprehensive gallery with more pictures and illustrations here on Behance for the curious ones.

  • very lucky to have had the chance to collaborate once again with a couple of pieces with The New Yorker.

    themes have been challenging, as always, and eventually great source of fun. 

    you can read the first piece by Joan Acocella on tap dance -Up From The Hold- here.

    here is the second piece titled How To Live An Alternative-Comedy Life Style by Mike O’Brien, in this week issue.

    the two columns I was asked to make art for are different for the themes they approach as well as for the general tone the writers use. same goes for the style and the way I draw characters, things and stuff. I don’t have two different styles but I like to use little nuances that drive the viewer into a more mature or slightly humorous mood when they look at them. or at least this would be my intention.

    sketches are an extra just to show a little behind the scenes, for those -like me- curious and a bit nerdy when the subject happens to be illustration.

    hope you’ll enjoy these. if you’re interested in moe sketches, work in progress and sneak peeks just press here and now! in other words follow me on instagram: @simonemassoni

  • I’ve recently have the chance to collaborate with the fabulous guys (actually two super nice girls such as Anna and Amelia) of Cook Inc Mag
    In this last November Issue I was asked to visually speak about the Gelinaz project. What a chance! Gelinaz is something that made me desire to be a chef, just so you know.

  • I’ve been asked to spend some thoughts on my favorite fast food for the New Yorker’s article My Go-To Fast Food.

    My unbeatable choice is the super Buongustai’s Panino co’i ròsbif, aka Roast Beef Panino*

    *Despite I really like the sound when americans call it PANINI, the correct word, when you have just one panini is PANINO, ending with an “O”. Panini is for plural. Same thing with spaghetti even if in this case calling it so is correct. In fact I never seen anyone eating a dish with a single spaghetto!)

  • I’m taking part to this nice project putting together a bunch of talented illustrators, some of them also friends and people I admire.

    This is part of my contribution to the Carnet Itinerante project, made real by the Circolarte guys!

    Stay tuned or just follow the ‪#‎carnetitinerante‬ hashtag to have all the latest news about this project.

  • La Voglia Matta poster art - ©2015 Simone Massoni Spazio Tapirulan in Cremona - ©2015 Tapirulan/Michele Prosperi original poster La Voglia Matta 1962 original poster La Voglia Matta 1962 The "33T D'artista" Catalogo - ©2015 Tapirulan/Michele Prosperi Fabio Toninelli, the mind behind the show - ©2015 Tapirulan/Michele Prosperi ©2015 Tapirulan/Michele Prosperi

    I’ve recently been involved -along with other great 32 artists- in a giant tribute show to commemorate Ugo Tognazzi, one of our greatest actors of all time.

    33T D’Artista, the exhibition, has been curated by Fabio Toninelli of Tapirulan who also hosted the opening this last Saturday, in Cremona. Along with the show a catalog has been printed. The show is open from October 17th to November 22nd 2015.

    More info here.

  • I’ll be part of the tomorrow Creative Day in Milan along with a bunch of super talented artists. Be there if you want to say hello, listen to some speeches or if you lately feels a lack of inspiration.

  • in my mailbox yesterday: Vicenzaoro mag special issue delivered. Didier Falzone (who I thank a lot) as always is the AD behind this super funny and foodish assignment. 

  • holidays are no more! this is the sad reality.

    but at least I brought a little memory of them back to my home, in the shape of mini characters. 

    a poster has already been made out of them and will be part of a big show I cannot tell about yet. so far I can share with you some pics taken from my sketchbook, collected along July and August around Tuscany. 

  • I’d like to remind you all that today the Summer Break is officially closed. it means that the joyous crew of ladies and giant characters -also known as Chicks&Type Squad- has restored its routine. there’ll be a new pin up at the beginning of the month, each time introducing us a different piece of typographic art.

    this month our host is the sixtish robomatic lady Ochre, setting herself up with a gigantic O from the OCR-A typeface family.

    if you like or simply want to join the cause and spread the word, you’re very much welcome. the official page for the twitter addict to spread is, thanks.

  • today in mailbox I found the last copy of Radcliffe Magazine of Harvard University. an interesting piece the one on David Montgomery I’ve been asked to illustrate.

    I still have a thing for one of the sketches which didn’t make the cut, the one I would call studying rocks at the library, but I must say I was happy not to be the AD in charge of choosing between the ideas I sent. Illustrators often are the worst judge of themselves and most of all they sometimes focus their attention to useless details. not the best attitude if you’re task is being productive and able to run an entire issue of magazine of a magazine.

    Above the final piece, the library sketch and couple of others pics about the before&after of this assignment.

  • I’ve been once again honored to be part of the New York Times magazine. In the yesterday’s Sunday Book Review insert the illustration you see above was my contribution for the “Manual for Cleaning Women” by  Lucia Berlin.

    Since I’ve often been asked about my method I’d like to take this chance to speak a little about it. When it comes about doing pieces for magazines and newspapers my process is little different than usual. The sketch I then submit to the AD has to be a little more refined than usual. I most of the time use the following approach to save time (very useful for me as well as for the editor/AD) and be more efficient.

    Below are 4 steps from the very first rough to the final stage. 

    As for me the first raw sketch would already be sufficient. I already see the final art inside that ugly doodle but obviously it’s not clear enough for the Art Director whom I’m going to show it.


    That’s why I fix my pencil idea a little, using for that the digital tablet and a fake pencil brush in PS. At this stage I rarely put color but I try to convey the general tone of the final art through subtle black and white shadows. This last part is optional, in this case I need it to let the AD see it’s a night scene. (PS I usually send 3 sketch ideas, this was the chosen one)


    Once I have the green light form the AD I need to add one more step. I build a very simple color palette scene following the basic lines of the original sketch. The color palette could be more or less detailed depending on the complexity of the sketch, the mood, the inspiration. It never takes more than 10 minutes to be set though.


    At this point I’m all set and ready to go for the final art.

  • I’ve been included in the last Rivista Ufficiale NBA roster (today in the newsstands) to be one of the ten illustrator depicting the most influential player of these years. I purposely chose Tim Duncan, probably one of the less loved players around and yet a great champion on the court as well as in life.

    The whole piece is about deception and it comes with an intense article by Marco Imarisio.

  • I had the recent pleasure to collaborate again with AD Nicholas Blechman of the New York Times Book Review to illustrate the latest review of The Rock, a novel by Peter Nichols.

    I always forget to add a little insight form the overall creative process, but not this time. full article here for those interested.

  • and by the way, I'v started a new sketchbook lately!

    #illustration #sketchbook #sketch #watercolor #walking #vibe

  • Uma and the superheroic Matrix by Zuzana Licko are the protagonists of the May entry in the #ChicksAndTypes big family. remember: a new typeface and its flesh and bones’ soulmate per month. that’s the deal
    #illustration #typography #pinup #matrix #Emigre #zuzanalicko

  • Urs & Nina, on their first hiking weekend together. Love is in the open air! Them along with Lara, Nico, Fabu and so many other characters are one of my latest fun/work. Huge thanks to Sybille, Christina and all the wonderful people in