Hi there! I'm Simone Massoni an italian visual artist and that awesome haircut was just for a bet.

After starting my career as a children's book illustrator, I moved my interests to be aligned more with visual design and arts. You can find my latest visual explorations in books, magazine, advertising commercials and shows, mainly in US and Europe.

In 2005 I founded my own brand, SketchThisOut®, which I mostly use to spread passion for everything which I find visual stimulating. I'm currently living and working in Florence, Italy.



Clients include:

Nokia, Guess Kids, Fendi, Carhartt, Facebook, Net-A-Porter, Mr Porter, Selle Royale, Flos, Sundek, The New Yorker, The New York Times, New York Mag, Boston Globe, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Click Magazine, Wired, GQ, Harvard Mag, Cincinnati Mag, Emerce, Digital Gids, Kompost Tv, Direct Tv, Sky Tv, Emirates, Gold, Benchmark, Humanoides Associèes, Penguin, Random House, Oxford University Press, Usborne Publishing, International Publishers Ltd., Gallimard, Feltrinelli, Eli, DeAgostini, Giunti, Mondadori, Piemme.


Recents works have been featured in:

American Illustration 35, 2016 - 34, 2015 - 33, 2014 - 32, 2013 — Print Magazine 67, 2013 — Society of Illustrators 59 + Show — Society of Illustrators 58 + Show, 2016 — Society of Illustrators 57 + Show, 2015, 56 (silver medal) + show 2014, 55 + Show, 2013 — Communication Arts Illustration annual 2011, annual 2012 — 3x3 Illustration annual 2012 —  Selected C by Index Book — FRESH Cutting edge illustration by Slanted — New Typography by Zeixs Publishing — T-Shirt Design 2 by Zeixs — Design & Design, Book of the Year 2011 — AI Annual 2012 Illustratori Italiani.



Want to drop a line to say hello?

Any other kind of questions? Here I am. Reach me at hey@simonemassoni.com or follow and ask me through:

Instagram @simonemassoni, best way to be up to date on what going on on my desk, sneaking on my WIPs and much more.

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Tumblr my official blog, up to date with my latest news and short drawing videos.

Twitter it's twitter.

Skype fyi, have no webcam. You can find me under the deceptive nickname of Lynpho.




· Have you eaten today? (Mom) 


· Is your art analogic or digital? (mostly students)

Both. Besides commercial works are usually digital. 

· When you do digital, do you use Illustrator, Photoshop or...? (only students)

90% PS, 10% AI